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OpenAI Chat API Workflow

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Hi, I am the author of this workflow for using OpenAI's API from Alfred 5. Here are the features:


  • Interactive query/chat with GPT-3.5 / GPT-4
  • Image generation using DALL-E API
  • Voice-to-text using Whisper API


Github Repo: https://github.com/yohasebe/openai-chat-api-workflow



  • OpenAI API key
  • Pandoc (available on Homebrew) for converting Markdown to HTML
  • Sox (available on Homebrew) for recording audio from a microphone
  • jq (available on Homebrew) for converting Markdown to HTML
  • duti (available on Homebrew) for using Google Chrome instead of Safari (optional)



  • web-interface.thumb.png.456ad5abccb0576a419b1e90457e34e9.png



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