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How to fire shortcut as an action in Workflow?

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Hi all! I want to make shortcut (ex. Option+T) than opens Telegram app with search already opened (command+K shortcut in this app).


First step is easy, but how to emulate shortcut fire as a part of Workflow? 
Tried apple script:


on alfred_script(q)
  tell application "System Events"
      key down command
      keystroke "k"
    key up command
end tell
end alfred_script

It's give no result. 

Need a piece of advice 🙏

Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 12.43.35.png

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Welcome @Veniamin,


You don’t need AppleScript, Alfred has an object for sending key combos. But you might need a delay between launching the app and firing the combo, otherwise it will happen too soon and Telegram won’t register it.

A better solution would be to tell Telegram to do the search (e.g. via its own AppleScript dictionary) but that depends on the Telegram app itself and if it is scriptable.


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