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Crushed by rogue newline when assembling link

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I have spent a day and a half wrestling with a new workflow which involves:

  • extracting part of the path of a file;
  • adding some text in the workflow; and
  • putting the two together to form a link of sorts.

Everything is so near to working but I am haunted by a rogue newline which appears as part of the first bullet point (and also happens if I try to achieve the same result using AppleScript). I have tried absolutely everything to dispose of it—short of an axe—but insanity now looms.


If you wish to rescue me or laugh at my incompetence here is a transfer.sh link to a short workflow that demonstrates the problem.


I despair…



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AppleScript always adds a newline at the end, so you’ll have no luck there. It is possible to avoid the newline but it’s a bit of a convoluted solution in which you have to invoke the Objective-C bridge. As for the shell code, you can append | tr -d '\n' which will delete all newlines.

But in both cases you could also use a Transform Utility—its default is to trim whitespace, which includes stripping newlines from the ends.


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Many thanks for the kind help, Vitor. Sanity is restored. I'd messed around with the tr command but incompetence prevented it from providing a solution. I had entirely forgotten the Transform Utility <sigh>.


As a reward for your kindness you will receive a free copy of the completed workflow… Oh, wait…all my workflows are free: sorry! 😀



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