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If you:

  • want to include images in the User Configuration of your workflow; but
  • like me, often forget the exact format of the markdown link

this workflow is for you!


Like all of my workflows, it has no dependencies but merely uses a snippet of AppleScript and some Automation Tasks (so make sure your Automation Tasks are up-to-date).



This workflow is designed to assist with incorporating screenshots in the User Configuration of a workflow. It will work with a single .png file at one time stored in either:

  • the workflow folder itself; or
  • a first level sub-folder of the workflow folder.

(It will not work with sub-folders nested at any deeper level within the workflow folder.)


1. Choose the workflow for which you wish to include an image in the User Configuration. (The image should already be in either the folder of that workflow or a first level sub-folder of that folder.)

2. In Alfred right click on the workflow name, in the list of workflows, and choose Open in Finder.

3. Select a .png image, press your Universal Action hotkey (⌘/ by default) and run this workflow.


4. You will be prompted to enter the exact name of the destination workflow (i.e., the workflow in the User Configuration of which the image is to be used).


5. The link will be assembled and copied to the clipbboard (with a confirmatory notification). The link will be in one of two forms depending upon whether you selected an image stored in the workflow folder or an image stored within a sub-folder of that folder.

![Name of destination workflow](Name of image.png)

![Name of destination workflow](Images/Name of image.png)

6. All you then have to do in order to incorporate the image in the User Configuration is to paste the link.


  • The workflow works only with .png files (although could be easily modified to work with JPEG files by including those within the scope of the initial File Action).
  • The workflow works only with a single selected file (as opposed to multiple selected files).
  • Don't use this workflow to create more general links, in other apps, to markdown images. It's intended only to create the sort of links required by Alfred's User Configuration.


GitHub download link.



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