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I'm the author of the plugin.

There's no thread on the forum.

This is the Github page: https://github.com/magobaol/alfred-phil

Dependencies and screenshots are in the README.

This is my first attempt at creating a workflow for Alfred (well, it's my first attempt at many other things... 😆)

The workflow uses the Node.js module "phil", also developed by me: https://github.com/magobaol/phil, but that's totally transparent to the user, as that module is packaged inside the workflow itself during the build process.
The workflow itself check if Node.js is installed and, if not, it provides a message and opens the README page on Github.



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Thank you for the submission.


It seems that during the build process you’re mushing together some libraries, processing them with typescript and minifying them. That leads to a large file blob of unreadable code, which is thus impossible to review, thus cannot be added to the Gallery.


To be up for consideration, the code needs to be understandable.

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@magobaol The new build is significantly better, yes. This is almost ready to go in but one thing remains: please simplify the version string. Right now it’s a large 1.0.1-make-build-readable.0 but it should be something simpler like 1.0.1.

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