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This time I wanted to get a bit more familiar with (zsh flavored) shell scripting.

The result is Favorites, the spiritual successor of Faves, which was last maintained by @Tyler Eich if I'm not mistaken.

Notwithstanding the fact that the successor still works well, this workflow is written 100% in shell and does not require Python 2.7 to be installed.


I did some testing, but there might still be some bugs hiding. If you catch them, please bring them here 😄


‣ Download ◂


icon.png.812564f5a4e5b09d90b3d20c6fba5523.png Favorites


Add files and folders to your list of favorites by using the workflow’s Universal Action.

Quickly find them again by activating the workflow with the Keyword (default: fav) or by setting a hotkey of your choice.




Usage Hints

  • Press cmd+O or enter to open a file or folder.
  • Add items with the workflow’s Universal Action.
  • Modifiers:
    • ctrl: Show full Path
    • cmd: Reveal in Finder
    • opt: Browse in Alfred
    • cmd+shift: Move up
    • opt+shift: Move down
    • fn: Remove from Favorites
    • shift or cmd+Y: Quicklook Preview

Special Inputs

  • Type :fav to open the list of favorites in your default text editor


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