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Add option to toggle side/bottom bar on Alfred Remote


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Hello Alfred Team,


As a long-time powerpack user of Alfred since version 2, I cannot emphasize enough how much I rely on this incredible tool on a daily basis. Alfred has consistently proven to be a game-changer in boosting my productivity and streamlining my workflows. The convenience, customizability, and sheer number of features that Alfred offers are unmatched, and I truly appreciate the continued development and support for this fantastic application.



Today, I would like to submit a feature request for the Alfred Remote app. I propose the addition of an option to toggle the side/bottom bar in the Remote interface. Since most of time I just need to focus on the same page and can use swipe to switch between pages. A screen with just a grid of icons looks nice and beautiful. The toggle option would allow users to show or hide the side/bottom bar as needed, giving them more control over the display and accessibility of their actions, workflows, and settings. This feature could enhance the user experience by:


  • Reducing visual clutter and distractions on the screen, thereby promoting focus and efficiency.
  • Allowing users to optimize screen real estate, particularly for those with smaller devices or in landscape mode.
  • Providing users with greater flexibility and customization options to suit their individual preferences and workflows.


I believe that the implementation of this feature could further elevate the already exceptional Alfred experience, as it caters to users who value the ability to tailor their tools to their unique needs. I am confident that other power users and the wider Alfred community would appreciate and benefit from this added functionality.


Thank you for considering my request, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback on this suggestion. As always, thank you for your continued dedication to creating an outstanding application that has transformed how we work and interact with our devices.

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