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Junior Saldanha

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I am the author of this workflow. @umsaldanha









This workflow is an integration of the CoinMarketCap's API directly from Alfred, the goal the Last Value, Last Change 24h and Last Change 7d of the Cryptocurrency in you preferred currency (USD, EUR, BRL). The workflow it will try to find an image for each cryptocurrency been listed, as well this workflow as a cache for not make too many requests on API endpoint and you get blocked, even with a free account (which i use and I'm happy with it).






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Thank you for the submission, but the dependency on Python 2 makes it unsuitable for inclusion. Languages which do not ship with macOS—such as PHP, Lua, or Node—are fine, but they have to be easily satisfied by a Homebrew installation from the core tap. If you update the workflow to use the version of Python 3 included in macOS (/usr/bin/python3), it will be considered.

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