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StitchClip (clipboard concatenation)


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Paste the 2 most recent clipboard entries at once, separated by a new line.

The workflow supports pasting up to 6 clipboard entries at once by appending a number to the keyword e.g. stitch5
The default separator is a new line character. To separate clipboard entries with spaces, use the shift (⇧) modifier.  For commas, use the option (⌥) modifier.


Available on my Github: https://github.com/OutlawAndy/StitchClip



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@sepulchra Thank you!

Good question!


I do have that preference enabled and it does not impact the workflow.  Or rather, the workflow does not impact the state of your clipboard..


Similarly, the new stitched entry is marked as transient and so does not show up in your clipboard history either.


I wanted this workflow to be repeatable with different key & count modifiers, so it needs to leave the clipboard unchanged entirely.

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Thank you for the submission, @OutlawAndy.


This is a nice use of the default objects, and the symmetric organisation is pleasant to see. Well annotated, too.


This will be live later today at https://alfred.app/workflows/outlawandy/stitchclip/ and marked as good for learning.


Limiting to 6 seems arbitrary, though. Perhaps extend to 9 so it represents “any single digit number”? But that’s a suggestion for a future version. It doesn’t affect inclusion and you don’t have to add that.


Since you’re using GitHub releases, please attach the packaged workflow to the releases themselves instead of (or in addition to) having the file in the repo. That helps with consistency for the update checker.

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