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Moving files to folder with Umlaut (muted vowel)

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I created a workflow for moving selected files to folders. I used Task automation for getting selection and moving and a list filter for the folders.


All is working fine, except if the foldername contains muted vowels (äöü ). This results in the files not being moved and I get the following error message:


 ERROR: Move to Folder[Automation Task] Task Error: /Users/surf/Library/Caches/com.runningwithcrayons.Alfred/Workflow Scripts/Automation Tasks/7aa060f4654c2836d857c82267441d4f2506da67c8ac54b8dbdf74f2759ba10d:490:526: execution error: „Finder“ hat einen Fehler erhalten: Fehler in der AppleEvent-Routine. (-10000)


I attached a demo workflow here.


Is there a way to use foldernames with muted vowels?




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