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Welcome @PulsOne,


Thank you for the submission, but this simply connects a File Filter to (what could be) an Open File Action. It’s not really specific to Pycharm e.g. in the file types it searches for. It’s more the type of workflow to be used as an example. At this point it doesn’t seem like a fit for the Gallery.


However, it does use a custom keyword which is a nice teaching example. If, for example, the workflow were edited to support all JetBrains IDEs, each with their own Keyword, it would become a nice “Good for Learning” Workflow.

It would need a new icon for the workflow as a whole (popular sources include https://font2png.com and https://flaticon.com) but each File Filter could continue to use the app icon. Screenshots should also include a real search (i.e. show results appearing, not just the empty keyword) and use the default keywords in the workflow (e.g. in this case it would mean pc, not pycharm).

Do let me know if you have any questions.

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