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  • Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow.
    • I am the author of this workflow.
  • Share a link to its thread on the Alfred Forum, if available.
    • n/a
  • Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub).
  • Provide any data necessary for review, testing, and extra screenshots. For example: if the workflow searches local PDFs or interacts with an app’s library, provide a handful of examples (5–15) which can be used/imported directly.
    • Generate a Notion integration API key and get the page ID for the Notion page you would like to add notes to (more details here)
    • Use the no keyword paired with a note (some text) to add a timestamped line of text to the specified Notion page
    • Use the gno keyword to open the specified Notion page in the browser
    • Use the ono keyword to open the specified Notion page in the Notion app (if it is installed)
  • If it has dependencies, say what those are unless they are explicit in the About or README.
    • Requires a Notion API key
  • Provide screenshots, unless valid ones are in the About or README.


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