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Quill | Text Processing Utility

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Quill Icon  Quill | Text Processing Utility


Quill is a text processing utility for automation. Currently, 87 commands are available, many of which can be combined to achieve more complex modifications.


Download On Github

Usage Note

The workflow has five entry points. When...

  • Using the keyword (default: v), the clipboard is processed.
  • Using the main Universal Action, the text that is passed to it is processed.
  • Using the main shortcut (default: ⌃+⌥+⌘+#), the text of your selection in macOS is processed.
  • Using custom shortcuts, the text of your selection in macOS is processed.
  • Using custom Universal Actions, the text that is passed to them is processed.

When using the main shortcut, the transformed text is always pasted to the frontmost application. Whether the transformed text will be pasted when using the other entry points depends on your choice in the Workflow Configuration, or on a case-by-case basis for your custom implementations. Hold  on the main Universal Action to ensure that the transformation result is just copied to the clipboard.


When you use the keyword or one of the main entry points, you will always be presented with all available transforms. These are filtered as you begin typing. Setting up custom entry points allows you to directly invoke the commands you want (see Automation).



Static command automation hint

Dynamc command automation hint

Internal configuration preview


Find all available commands and the full documentation on Github.


Quill in Action



Dynamic Commands

  • Remove Lines Containing Insensitive...
  • Keep Lines Containing Insensitive...
  • Replace occurrences of... with...
  • Remove lines containing...
  • Keep lines containing...
  • Prepend...
  • Wrap in...
  • Remove...

Bonus: The commands Replace and Remove accept regular expressions.



Static Commands


Expand to see all available static commands
  • Make List
  • Shift Left
  • Title Case
  • Remove List
  • Shift Right
  • URL Encoded
  • URL Decoded
  • Extract URLs
  • Remove Quotes
  • LaTeX Encoded
  • LaTeX Decoded
  • Romanize Text
  • Extract Dates
  • Base64 Encode
  • Base64 Decode
  • Markdown to RTF
  • Markdown to HTML
  • Increment Number
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Uppercase Letters
  • Extract Addresses
  • Word Segmentation
  • Remove All Numbers
  • Reverse Line Order
  • " Wrap in Quotes "
  • `Wrap in Backticks`
  • Normalize Diacritics
  • LaTeX Encoded (full)
  • LaTeX Decoded (full)
  • Escape Double Quotes
  • ( Wrap in Brackets )
  • Extract Phone Numbers
  • Fix File Name (Smart)
  • Smart Quotation Marks
  • Fix Letterspaced Words
  • Trim Leading Whitespace
  • Extract Email Addresses
  • Sort by count ascending
  • Fix Umlauts (Diaeresis)
  • Repeat with Last Command
  • Trim Trailing Whitespace
  • Sort by count descending
  • Straight Quotation Marks
  • ' Wrap in Single Quotes '
  • < Wrap in Angle Brackets >
  • { Wrap in Curly Brackets }
  • Remove Leading Line Numbers
  • [ Wrap in Square Brackets ]
  • Remove Whitespace Characters
  • Escape Whitespace Characters
  • Romanize Text (No Diacritics)
  • Sort alphabetically ascending
  • Remove Newlines (Line Endings)
  • Convert URLs to Markdown Links
  • Sort alphabetically descending
  • Remove All Whitespace Characters
  • Replace Newlines with Whitespace
  • Remove Multiple Newline Characters
  • Initial caps of words (capitalize)
  • Replace Underscores with Whitespace
  • Trim Leading and Trailing Whitespace
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (ignore case)
  • Remove Multiple Whitespace Characters
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (literal compare)
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (ignore diacritics)
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (ignore whitespace)
  • Replace Dashes and Hyphens with Whitespace
  • Fix words broken by end-of-line hyphenation
  • NFD - Normalization Form Canonical Composition
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (ignore diacritics and case)
  • NFKD - Normalization Form Compatibility Decomposition
  • Replace Dashes, Hyphens and Underscores with Whitespace
  • Remove Duplicate Lines (ignore diacritics, case and whitespace)
  • NFC - Normalization Form Canonical Decomposition + Canonical Composition
  • NFKC - Normalization Form Compatibility Decomposition + Canonical Composition
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Looks great! Got the following error on Monterey:


ERROR: Quill[Script Filter] Code 134: dyld[2054]: Library not loaded: '/usr/lib/swift/libswiftRegexBuilder.dylib'
  Referenced from: '~/Documents/Alfred Backup/Alfred.alfredpreferences/workflows/user.workflow.59B2EFF8-A4C3-4A63-948E-BE588544DACF/quill'
  Reason: tried: '/usr/lib/swift/libswiftRegexBuilder.dylib' (no such file), '/usr/local/lib/libswiftRegexBuilder.dylib' (no such file), '/usr/lib/libswiftRegexBuilder.dylib' (no such file)


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