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Shortcut to trigger predefined universal action on build-in search result

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Hi all,


I am trying to assign a keyboard-shortcut to a universal action.


This is related to this thread, however I do not primarily want to action from a macOS selection, but rather from the currently selected alfred item, i.e. the search result.

Using the solution provided in the above thread, will often not work from within alfred as the macOS selection is just the query text, and not the item alfred found.


To give a bit more context, the initial motivation is to remap `cmd+enter` to something that is not available in alfreds advanced settings.

For example, I would like to have a more powerful "show in finder" that takes the currently found item and runs an applescript on it.


For workflows that I have written myself, I can implement this, as the result of the scriptfilter is available in my workflow.

For for built-in results, I have not found a way to achieve this.


Maybe I am missing something trivial?



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