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Simple 2FA Paste

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I would like to submit a new workflow called "Simple 2FA Paste." This builds on an older workflow that required php and eliminates this requirement. Full detail is in the github report.


thebitguru/alfred-simple-2fa-paste: Simple Alfred workflow for pasting second factor authentication codes sent to Apple Message (github.com)





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Uploading a better screenshot
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Please provide a screenshot without obfuscated data. The information doesn’t have to be real (as in, what you really got) but it needs to be real-looking so users have a good sense of what to expect.

Please also recheck carefully the pinned post. This submission uses Workflow Environment Variable instead of Workflow Configuration and has an auto-updater; both have to be changed.

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OK, I have uploaded a new screenshot without obfuscation.


Are you using the packaged release from the github repo? If so, I haven't packaged and uploaded this version as a release yet. Please see the `master` branch instead.

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Thank you. This is will be live later today at https://alfred.app/workflows/thebitguru/simple-2fa-paste/. Note the link is slightly different from what you deduced in your repo, having alfred- would be redundant.


One suggestion: When no codes are found you’re setting an empty arg. Set valid to false too so users can’t even ↩ on the result and it’s clear it won’t do anything.

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1 hour ago, thebitguru said:

How do workflow updates work?

All you need to do is to post any update on GitHub as and when you make one. The Gallery will automatically detect the update and itself will be updated soon after your GitHub update. Users who have downloads from the Gallery can use the Alfred Gallery link (at the bottom of the list of workflows in Alfred) to check for, and download, any updates from the Gallery.

As long as you keep releasing them the same way (e.g. new GitHub releases) updates will be detected and checked for. If you ever change the distribution method it’s helpful to flag that so the update mechanism can adapt. Note there is a delay between a release and it showing up in the Gallery which allows the workflow creator to add requested features and deal with any feedback.



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