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You can host workflows wherever you like. But for having them in the Gallery there has to be an easy and automatable way to check for updates. Dropbox, for example, is subpar for hosting because links don’t have etags and go through a bunch of redirects. GitHub auto-creates atom feeds for individual files and releases so works well. Pretty sure GitLab auto-creates feeds as well, though it’s been a good while since I last checked. No idea regarding Codeberg, I’d need a live example to check. I’d certainly try to make the system fit the hosting, but there’s only so much we can do if the platforms don’t make features available.

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Thank you. It’s great that they have the feed link right there and accessible, but unfortunately it does not support ETags. I’ll have a think about it but since Codeberg isn’t common at all, contorting the system to fit it isn’t a priority.


Such platforms usually have a repo (or something else public) where features can be requested/discussed. Do you know if Codeberg has it and where it’s located?

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1 hour ago, pixelgeek said:

What are ETags?


Wikipedia has the longer explanation, but in essence they’re a short string that a server returns and allows one to identify if a resource has changed. They are particularly useful for feeds because it means you don’t need to download the whole thing every time (which is slower, consumes more energy and bandwidth, and may lead to rate limiting), just check if it had changes since last time and proceed accordingly.


It seems they don’t yet have an issue for adding ETags to feed requests. If you open one please link it back here so everyone can follow the progress. If they add the support, Codeberg repos can be supported no problem, everything else seems to be in order.


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As an update here, I did find one piece of information they returned in the headers that we could possibly use to check for the updates in a simple way. I was giving it a few weeks to verify how stable it was and they’e since removed it. Not even the content length is available anymore which means there’s now zero ways of determining updates to the feed by looking at the headers. This is a super odd choice, meaning the file has to be downloaded every time which will only add more strain on their part for no gain.


I’ve very up to supporting Codeberg, but in its current state it’s not really viable.

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On 6/12/2023 at 9:21 AM, vitor said:

I’ve very up to supporting Codeberg, but in its current state it’s not really viable.


I have set my Codeberg repos to mirror to Github. So there will be Github updates within a few minutes of me posting it to Codeberg. The only thing I need to do is to post a Release. 

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