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I am the author. Here is a link to the existing forum thread and this is a link to the GitHub repository. There are no dependencies—save for requiring up to date Alfred 5 Automation Tasks.


The workflow takes a file or files selected in Finder and moves them to a folder which is newly created in the course of the workflow. You are prompted for the location of the new folder and for the name of the new folder. It has been released for some time now and has proved quite popular (in terms of number of downloads).


As I've updated the icon since the original screenshots (in the linked forum thread) here are updated screenshots.



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The sound at at the end made me laugh. Wasn’t expecting that. Quite appropriate.


It will be live later today at https://alfred.app/workflows/stephenc/move-to-new-folder/


By the way, the 2023.1 update to Automation Tasks had a big change which will make some of your steps simpler in this and other workflows. For example, instead of having an Arg and Vars just to pass {var:newFolderPath}, you can now do it directly in the Make New Folder. Tasks in general got updates like that.

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