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14 hours ago, vitor said:


Because you’ve installed the Services (:downmediaservices in Alfred).



What program?

  Enabling it addressed that issue thank you!



Sorry I used the word Program but I meant workflow. Thanks for your help!

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I have a similar kind of problem with using the da command. It keeps saving it as OPUS.


OS ver: 10.15.4

Alfred ver: 4.09

Workflow ver: 20.2

Youtube-dl ver: 2020.05.03 (installed via brew)

ffmpeg ver: 4.2.2


Workflow env vars



Log cap

[17:40:39.098] DownMedia[Script Filter] Queuing argument ''
[17:40:39.800] DownMedia[Script Filter] Script with argv '' finished
[17:40:39.804] DownMedia[Script Filter] {"items":[{"uid":"downmedia audio","subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","valid":true,"variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":false},"mods":{"cmd":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): true 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"audio","Add_to_watchlist":true,"full_playlist":true}},"alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): false","variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":false}},"cmd+alt":{"subtitle":"Add to WatchList (⌥): false 𐄁 Full Playlist (⌘): true","variables":{"media_type":"audio","add_to_watchlist":false,"full_playlist":true}}},"title":"Act On Instinct - YouTube Music","arg":"https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=tWwoyxHl7X8&list=RDAMVMtWwoyxHl7X8"}]}
[17:40:40.493] DownMedia[Script Filter] Processing complete
[17:40:40.496] DownMedia[Script Filter] Passing output 'https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=tWwoyxHl7X8&list=RDAMVMtWwoyxHl7X8' to Run Script
[17:40:49.448] STDERR: DownMedia[Run Script] xattr: No such file: /Users/xyz/Downloads/Act On Instinct.webm
55:194: execution error: Alfred 4 got an error: Cannot find workflow with Id 'com.vitorgalvao.alfred.watchlist' (-2)
You do not have WatchList installed. Download it at https://github.com/vitorgalvao/alfred-workflows/tree/master/WatchList
[17:40:49.457] DownMedia[Run Script] Processing complete
[17:40:49.458] DownMedia[Run Script] Passing output '' to Run Script


If you need any additional information or need me to try out anything, please let me know.


Regardless, thank you for this awesome workflow! 😁

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