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Mappy - Google Maps Navigation

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Hey everyone,


I am submitting Mappy, an Alfred Workflow that makes it easy to quickly access the Google Maps Navigation. It either works with a simple address search or by combining `from` & `to` based on your pre-defined home or work address.


I am the original author and you can find the source on Github: https://github.com/adrianbartnik/AlfredGoogleMapsNavigationWorkflow


You can find example usages in the Github Repository README.md.


Workflow Features:

  • Logic to handle user queries and link out to Google Maps with sane default and documentation
  • Possibility to configure settings of the Workflow through Alfred
  • Extensive documentation
  • Error Handling and user notifications in case variables are not set correctly


Submission Requirements:

  • It uses the new Workflow Configuration
  • It doesn't have auto-updates - as requested
  • It doesn't include any binaries or other libraries except for some Python default ones 
  • All instructions are in Englisch
  • A large-enough icon is included
  • Screenshots have been provided in the Github page


This is my first workflow submission, so I'd appreciate any feedback :)

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Welcome @alfradrian,


You should always prefer with input as argv over with input as {query}.

On the Travel Mode there’s a strange default option which is neither the default nor does it have any value set. And it’s named in all lowercase unlike the other options. It’s also not very explicit regarding what it (is supposed to) set. Did you perhaps meant it to be “Best” which makes Google Maps take its pick?


You’re including the demo video in the packaged workflow itself, which considerably increases its size (it’s larger than everything else combined).

Apart from those small things, this appears to be working well. Once those are fixed this can go in. Thank you for your first submission, hoping to see more!

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i downloaded the workflow but it is 2.9MB in size which makes me not to use it as i am not sure if it is tested by someone reliable in forum. I will wait until it gets any approval from some much more experienced than me in workflows.

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