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is there a way to list all keywords or create a workflow to do so ?

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I am trying to get a listing of keywords. Your solution is excellent but requires a lot of scrolling and difficult to use if I want to reorganize my keywords.

If there any way to list keywords in a file (PDF, RTFD, etc) ? I tried to do a scrolling screenshot using snagit, but it does not capture the alfred search window (it captures the app behind the alfred search window).

thanks again

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4 minutes ago, Stephen_C said:

Try this then. In the search box in Alfred Preferences → Workflows type keywords (N.B., without the question mark).






exactly what I was looking for. Scrolling capture → PDF very easy. thanks very much !

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57 minutes ago, rob213 said:

in Alfred Preferences → Workflows type keywords (


There are a zillion results, which is normal. I tried ""keywords NOT snippet" which did not yield any results. I looked up search syntax in alfred support and did not find anything. Could you point me to a reference explaining the search syntax ?

thank you !

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