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documentation for file actions : currently selected file in the currently used file manager


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I was hesitating between Alfred and Launchbar because a few years ago,  I read the following (ScreenShot below) in Alfred's documentation and decided to opt for Launchbar (using Alfred lightly in parallel) solely because Launchbar file actions apply to the currently selected  file in any file manager, not only Finder.


As I am migrating back to Alfred whilst keeping Launchbar for file actions, I discovered by testing, and to my astonishment, that in fact Alfred file actions apply to the currently select file in the currently used file manager (I alternate between Pathfinder and ForkLift ), not only Finder.


As a consequence, I am in the process of completely migrating to Alfred.


Suggestion: modify your documentation accordingly and you may gain more users.


Perform File Actions Easily from Alfred or Finder - Alfred Blog



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