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Translate This - Translate any text with OpenAI and DeepL

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 Hi there, I am submitting a newly created workflow to the Workflow gallery, it is called Translate This and uses OpenAI and DeepL API at your own choice.


- Say if you’re the author or submitting someone else’s workflow.

I'm the author


- Share a link to its main page (e.g. GitHub).



- If it has dependencies, say what those are unless they are explicit in the About or README.

Runs a short python3 script, `openai`  and `deepl` libraries are included in the ./libs/ and installed from system python3 (`/usr/bin/python3 -m pip install openai 'urllib3<2' deepl --target ./libs`)


- Provide any data necessary for review, testing, and extra screenshots


  • Set up: source language, target language, method of translation and your APIs. (Target and source language code should be following the DeepL API docs if you are using DeepL.)
  • Type anything followed by keyword trans,  to translate
  • Then select any result and  to copy text to your clipboard
  • ⌘ + ⏎ to view large text (useful if results are long)



- Provide screenshots, unless valid ones are in the About or README.



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