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Search and Install Alfred Gallery Workflows from Alfred Search Bar

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It would be fantastic if we could search and install Alfred workflows from the Alfred search bar without having to go online.


It would be nice to update all Alfred workflows and resolve dependencies in the Alfred bar without having to go in the settings and manage everything individually.


One of the strengths of Raycast is that their gallery/store is entirely manageable from the launch bar. You can search for workflows, add, and remove. I think this would drive greater adoption of Alfred's gallery. The centralized ecosystem (and somewhat closed off ecosystem) of Raycast does seem to be driving plugin development for them. It is super easy to find and install workflows from their store. Alfred's workflow ecosystem is too scattered across the Internet and makes it hard for new users to find good workflows without doing lots of browsing online.


I'm not a huge fan of how Raycast handles files actions and file management, which is one of the reasons I'm remaining loyal to Alfred.

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