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iTunes Airplay Toggle


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Submitting this workflow for possible submission. Let me know if you have any questions. If anyone can offer a Retina screenshot, I would greatly appreciate it!

  • I am the author of this workflow.
  • A link to the discussion is here.
  • Hosted on Github here.


How to use:

The default method is "toggle". This will toggle the state for only the selected device. The typical use for this would be if you have more than one device that you like to have turned ON at the same time (i.e., listening in the main room and a second room).


If you prefer to use only one device at a time, change the default method in the variable window to "select". This will toggle ON the selected device and toggle OFF all the others. The typical use for this would be if you prefer to listen on only one device at a time (i.e., listening through computer speakers or headphones).


Two modifier actions are provided:

  1. You can choose to use the non-default method at any time by actioning on the device while pressing the 'option' key. This will cause Alfred to run whichever method is not the default.
  2. Holding 'control' will allow you to action a device without closing the Alfred window. This works well if you're often toggling more than one device at a time. The 'esc' key will need to be hit when you're done.

Main window.png

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