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Hi there! 


I am submitting Easy Homebrew. An Alfred workflow to make homebrew right on Alfred -- search, get details and run commands.

I am the original author, and just updated it to v1.1.


Github: https://github.com/yinan-c/alfred-homebrew

Forum discussion: 



Workflow Usage:

  • Simply type `brew` to show and search for all formulae and casks
    •  by default, casks will be listed first, you can add 'cask' or 'formula' to your query (before or after) to further filter results (for example `brew vim formula` or `brew formula vim` will filter out casks results and only list formula.
  • Quicklook information page on brew.sh by pressing `command + Y` on selected entries.


  • Continue to type the full name or tab-complete the selected items (if enabled in Alfred) to show details of information (Analytics, install versions and newest versions, URLs...).
    • Press `enter` on URLs will open them in the browser.
    • Quicklook URLs are supported for all URLs.


  • In the dropdown list, select any items and press `enter` to see more details and applicable commands, commands include install, uninstall, upgrade, show info ... Commands will depend on install status.


  • View lists of homebrew leaves, installed formulae and casks, and outdated ones by typing keywords `leaves`, `list`, and `outdated`.
    • I also added the default search_keyword `brew` to show installed and outdated lists, so that you can see whether a package is installed, or outdated. 
    • In the outdated list, you can update one-by-one or all-at-once with a simple `enter`.
  •  In `leaves` and `list`, tab-complete to view info and `enter` to view/run commands are also available.
  •  In `leaves`, quicklook is also available.


Submission Requirements:

  • Uses Workflow Configuration
  • Does not include binaries, `requests` libraries and pre-installed in the workflow.


Hope you guys will like it. I would appreciate any feedback, thanks 😄

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