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Creating a Workflow to Open Webpage with Current Date Argument

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Hey everyone!

I'm trying to create a workflow in Alfred that allows me to quickly open a specific webpage with a URL that includes the current date as an argument (yyyymmdd). For example, if today is May 4th, 2023, I want to be able to type "breaktime" and have Alfred open the browser with the URL "someurl.com/20230504".


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5 hours ago, vitor said:

Welcome @crazyjack9,


Connect a Keyword to an Arg and Vars with Argument set to to {date:YYYYMMdd} (learn more about dynamic placeholders) then to an Open URL with URL set to https://someurl.com/{query}.

For an interactive tutorial on making a workflow, see the Getting Started Guide.

Thanks Vitor!


Another question.  Why  {date:YYYYMMdd - 1d} does not return what i expect? How do i get yesterday date? and why MM and not mm?

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