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send csv filter to list filter within the workflow

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I am trying to create a simple workflow which outputs a list of common git commands with a basic explainer in the subtext. To import my list I created the following csv file


"git config","Set configuration options such as user name and email. It's done once at the setup of git.","git config --global user.name USERNAME"
"git init","Create an empty Git repository in the specified directory. Initial step to start a new project.","git init REPO_NAME"
"git clone","Create a local copy of a remote repository. Necessary to start working locally on the project.","git clone REPO_URL"
"git add","Add files to the staging area in preparation for a commit. Done after making changes to the working directory.","git add FILE_NAME"
"git status","Display the state of the working directory and the staging area. It helps to see what changes are staged for commit.","git status"
"git commit","Record changes to the repository with a message. This comes before making a pull request.","git commit -m COMMIT_MESSAGE"
"git branch","List, create, or delete branches in the repository. Used to work on features or fixes in isolation.","git branch BRANCH_NAME"
"git checkout","Switch between branches or restore files to the working directory. Used to switch the context.","git checkout BRANCH_NAME"
"git merge","Combine changes from one branch into another. Used to integrate changes made in a branch.","git merge SOURCE_BRANCH"
"git pull","Fetch from and integrate with another repository or a local branch. Keep your branch up-to-date with the remote repository.","git pull REMOTE_NAME BRANCH_NAME"
"git push","Update remote references along with associated objects. Send your commits to the remote repository.","git push REMOTE_NAME BRANCH_NAME"
"git log","Show the commit logs. View the history of the repository.","git log"
"git stash","Temporarily save changes that you don’t want to commit immediately. Useful to clean working directory.","git stash save STASH_NAME"
"git remote","Manage the set of remotes. Useful for adding remote repositories.","git remote add REMOTE_NAME REMOTE_URL"
"git diff","Show changes between the working directory and the index or between two branches. Useful for reviewing code changes.","git diff SOURCE_BRANCH TARGET_BRANCH"
The main output is a Copy to Clipboard action. An alternative action is a search to the https://git-scm.com website


My problem is that the subtext is too long, so the explanation is truncated. I was then thinking of passing the CSV to the list filter as a series of a series of arguments separated by a newline, allowing me to recapture them on output and sending them to a large type output. 

Is that possible somehow or do I need to switch to a script filter?

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On 6/23/2023 at 4:01 PM, vitor said:

You can’t send multiple arguments with a List Filter (you can with a Script Filter), but you can do something like "git command","Long explanation","Long explanation|git command". Note the pipe character in the argument, you can use that to split.

Perfect, that's exactly what I needed! Thanks.

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