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Alan He

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Hotkeys for triggering some operations in Eudic.



install eudic app 




  1. Use ⌥ ⌘ e after selecting a word to look it up.
  2. Use ⌘ ⇧ s after selecting a word to speak it.
  3. Type keyword eudic and word to look it up.








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Thank you, but there’s already a Eudic workflow in the Gallery and it has a few more niceties such as Workflow Configuration, editable keyword, Universal Actions, and support for both regular and pro versions. While it is fine to have multiple workflows for similar tasks from different users, since these are essentially just sending a word to an app we’d like to keep it a bit more focused and list just the one for now. We may consider it again in the future.

A quick unrelated reminder of something we’ve discussed previously: while you can suggest Hotkeys to users, you can’t tell them what they are (as per the About) since Hotkeys are stripped on import.

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