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How to automatically start an alfred workflow at login, using Alfred 5?

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I tried asking Bard & Chat GPT in so many different ways the entire yesterday, for 5-7 hours & tried creating & running so many hacks. But couldn't get anything direct on simple on it or whatever I was able to create, while didn't give any errors, but didn't open the applications that my workflow had to open. It does open if I use Alfred UI.

Ultimately I had to use macOS Automator. The script for that I got easily from ChatGPT within minutes. But, macOS Automator is non simple &. outdated to use. I would prefer to use Alfred directly.


Can someone give me a working solution for Alfred 5? with actually working steps??

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By design, Alfred workflows have to be explicitly called. Though with External Triggers you can essentially have anything start a workflow. You can use something like LaunchControl to fire a command at startup, and have that command be the External Trigger. You should likely tell the command to delay for a few seconds, to make sure macOS had enough time to start Alfred and other stuff which may be necessary.

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