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Select multiple items from list?

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Howdy, Im wondering if anyone have a trick for selecting multiple items from a list filter?


For this part of my workflow, I am trying to automate adding some content to a text file. I want to use the list filter to display a list of potential strings from which multiple could be picked.  


Since there is no way in the Alfred UI to pick multiple list items, I thought there might be some way to loop back to the same list filter and make subsequent selections, each time somehow adding to a variable. But quickly I learned that I could not wire up Alfred's noodles to ouroboros in this way.


So now I am a bit stuck and if anyone has a moment to spare it would be appreciated!

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Oooh, okay I'm onto something! 

The 'Call External Trigger' and the 'External Trigger' nodes can be used to make a loop.

So now I have this, which seems to be working really well.



Menu pops up asking which tags to add. The first menu item is 'Finished tagging' (which also displays a log of all previously added tags)



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