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capture application/screen layout/open files

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I have not purchased Alfred yet. I need an application that will allow me to capture my current working environment and allow me to save the open apps/layout and open files. I frequently have to move between projects and it takes me time to close the environment that I have set up for one client and then set-up for the next. I have to work on multiple projects at one time. Some of the apps are RAM hogs and don't play well with others -- so opening everything at once in Virtual desktops isn't really an option. I could do this with VMs but that is a license nightmare and takes a large chunk of disk.


An example;

Client A) has engaged me to analyse a site and make recommendations - so I open a browser, and my tools to record my findings. 

Client B) has engaged me to analyse large amounts of tabular data - open the files (large PDFs and MS Office files) and start execution of data analyses 

Client C) has engaged me to work on marketing materials. I need my graphics programs to work on artwork.


Client B contacts me while I am working on Client A activities. I need to save what I am working on and then open the environment for the current contact. Doing this by hand is possible, but it takes a lot of time.


Can I capture the current working environment, save it in some fashion-trigger file saves of changed objects (there is the automation), and reopen at a later time? The idea of workflows is close, but I don't need automated processing (yet). 


I realize that this is a vague request, but I've been searching for a tool that can help me. All I get are window magnet software - not what I need. 


I have looked through the Alfred documents, but it appears I have to configure the work flow rather than capturing the current state. I am open to guidance from you all.


Thank you in advance.

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