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Setting keyword *within* a workflow

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Hi there - I've been looking online for an answer, but I've not been successful unfortunately. 

I have a hotkey set that nicely pulls up results. I'd like to set a keyword for *within* that. 

Specifically, I have an "Applications" workflow with a hotkey that allows me to search for applications. However, from the same input field triggered by the hotkey, I'd like to type "/" to then enable me to search folders instead of applications, e.g. "/desktop". 

This is possible in PowerToys in Windows, and I should think it's possible in Alfred, but I don't see anything yet. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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That should be possible with the Script Filter utility. However, that strikes me as an unnecessarily verbose approach.

Why don't you just open the default Alfred launcher (opt+space or whatever you have configured) and search for the app you want by name? 

If you want to browse folders, you type "/". To search folders, you could map a file filter to a leading key, say, "f" and have it only search for folders.

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Thanks very much for the response, zeitlings.


This is my use-case. I would like to have workflows that follow the following pattern: search *current* instances of something, and use slash to search *all* instances of something. For example, search open applications with slash to search all applications. Or search *open* google docs (browser tabs), with slash to search *all* google docs.


With the main Alfred search, firstly I've found that I can't reliably hide all the types of results I'm not interested in. And secondly, using the main Alfred search would allow me to have only one of the above workflows at once.


I'll take a look at the Script Filter utility. I appreciate the link. 


Thanks for your time!


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