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is it 'okay' to programatically update workflow object icons?

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I have been toying around with changing workflow object icons on the fly.


This is as simple as replacing the .png file in the workflow folder –



Below is an example colour picker workflow, where the icon is updating to reflect changes made to the foreground and background colours.


I really really like this, but am wondering if there anything I should watch out for here? (for example, Alfred isn't going to suddenly change the UUID of the associated icon or anything like that?)


Notice the icon in the top right changing as I adjust settings:



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Things to take into consideration: due to caching, you may still see the previous icon on occasion; and you’re changing the icon in the workflow itself so when you share it you may be doing so with one of the modified icons. None of those seems like a deal breaker for your use case, though. Your specific mention of the ID changing shouldn’t be a worry.


Just keep in mind that what you’re doing isn’t officially supported so don’t rely on it for anything critical. But if there’s anything in the future which changes that behaviour, you’ll probably be able to see it in Alfred’s release notes.

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