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File search for Japanese words not working properly


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I have a folder named "レッスン01", which means "lesson 01" in Japanese.

When I search for files with query "レ", I get the correct result.

But "レッ" returns no result.  If the query is "レッスン", it works again.


All "レ", "レッ", and "レッスン" queries work well in mac's native Spotlight.

Terminal command `mdfind` also works well with all of these queries.


I observed similar issues with queries including Japanese characters; they work in Spotlight and mdfind but not in Alfred's search.


Please fix this issue!  I guess you don't even have to handle languages like Japanese directly because adding an option to use `mdfind` result instead of Alfred's algorithm would be perfect!


Edit 2023-09-12(JST): I'm using File Search, and "f" is my keyword for "Revealing Files" feature.  I'm using no workflows.








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@kii Welcome to the forum!


You have much more control over file search when using a File Filter, which you can connect to an Open File object. The fields configuration below will allow you to find the results you need:

  • Remove kMDItemFinderComment
  • Uncheck "Words"
  • Uncheck "Anchor search" at the bottom



Let me know how you get on :)



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Thank you for comments!


For clarification:

- I'm using default "File Search" feature.  "f" is my keyword to trigger "Revealing Files" feature.

- I'm using no workflows.



Thank you for your suggestion!

I tried the File Filter workflow with the setting you suggested, but the search result was the same as I get with the default "File Search" feature.

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@kii Could you please download this workflow and see what behaviour you get?




I've created a folder named exactly the same as yours, and don't seem to have any issue finding the folder, so let me know if that workflow works for you too. :)


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