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Workflow Opens Multiple Versions of App

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Hi there.  I am scratching my head over a simple workflow I made to open a Fluid-created app via either a hotkey or keyword.  My preference is to invoke the workflow via hotkey, as it is faster than typing a keyword.  However, the workflow oddly produces a different result depending on how it is invoked.  I should also add that the app in question (Gmail) is already open, so the workflow really functions as a quick way to make Gmail the active app.  Here's the funky behavior:


-  Invoke via Keyword: works as expected, i.e., makes Gmail the active app

-  Invoke via Hotkey: opens a duplicate version of the already-running Gmail app which is not logged into Gmail.  Obviously, this is of no use.


Lastly, I've attached a screenshot of the workflow.


Any ideas?  Many thanks!

by default 2023-09-13 at 8.47.18 AM.jpg

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Thanks for your suggestion, Stephen, which I tried.  Alas, no joy, as your suggested workflow yields the same odd behavior, i.e., opens another instance of my Gmail app when activated via hotkey.  


Thanks again,


— Stephen

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