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REALLY need help with this concern

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I need some help with a question I have. Often, I need to open multiple Chrome windows (window a, b, and c) at the same time. When I use Toggle Alfred and type in "Chrome", it only shows "Google Chrome" in the list. My question is, is there a way to make all the windows (a, b, and c) show up in the list when I type in "Google Chrome"? If anyone knows how to set this up, could you please guide me? Thanks in advance.Screenshot2023-09-13at12_20_26PM.thumb.jpg.a8b00af3121c98bd7542873a6ce63740.jpg

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1 hour ago, Vero said:

@Jun Oh Take a look at this workflow if you'd like to be able to see your Chrome tabs:




Thanks, this is a really good suggestion.  I typically have like 50 tabs open across various Chrome windows, not to mention other stuff like VSCode windows.  I can definitely still make use of this. It's absolutely usable."


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