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Way to set active Mac Space (mission control) based on a domain in a chrome window?

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In my day to day - I have multiple spaces open on Mission Control spread out across Macbook Pro M1 and 2 external monitors (3 total)
Below is a snapshot of what I name each space on Mission Control (it's using a github package named "Spaces Renamer") 


So let's say on Monitor 2, Screen 4 I have open Github (Left side) and Pivotal Tracker (right side) - both are chrome windows that are on those respective domains. 
Is there an Alfred workflow that can ask "okay chrome, bring to the front....a chrome window or tab that has the domain - www.github.com - we don't care about everything after that hatever just the domain. 
Bigger picture is that I'd like to have my Stream Deck trigger this alfred workflow- which would basically be a really smart desktop switcher. 

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