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Workflow with 2 arguments

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I am attempting to write my first workflow to assist me with doing a task that I have to perform on a regular basis. The base of this workflow will be to lookup data from a website with a give argument and query, For each argument (type) selects a given URL to apply the query. With it all put together it should open the resulting URL with the information I am looking for. I have written a quick and dirty bash script that takes 2 arguments that works but I would rather do this in alfred's workflow to avoid having to run a terminal command to open a browser window. Below is a sanitized version of my bash script.



# $1 will be what we are looking for
# $2 will be what we input as an argument

MYNAME=`basename $0`

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
  echo "Usage: $MYNAME type query" 1>&2
  exit 2

	case "$1" in
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?q=$2&v=abc
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?q=$2&v=def
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?ghi=$2
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?q=$2&v=jkl
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?mno=$2
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?$2
		open http://www.myurl.com/blah.aspx?q=$2&v=stu
		echo "oops"


any guidance or samples showing how to do this would be awesome




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If I am reading this correctly I will have one main script and a script for each based on the first argument. Is there a workflow that is already working that takes 2 arguments that I can look at to possibly see how it is being done?



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You could do it that way, or you could just have it as the beginning of the script. Here's a php version:




$var = explode(" ","{query}");
$output = "";

foreach( $var as $key => $val ) :
    $output .= "Arg #" . $key . ": " . $val . "\r\n";

echo $output;


So, with this, I just turn the query into an array via the explode function, using a space as the delimiter (make sure you don't escape spaces), and then I have them as an array. You can do something similar in bash.

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