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Option for Web Searches to open in new browser window (instead of a tab)


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I would like the option (e.g. general setting in Alfred) so Web Searches open in a new browser window instead of just finding a browser window and opening a tab there. 


I know you can change the default behaviour of your browser to always open new windows, but that's not what I'm looking for here. The way I work is usually with my browser windows aligned with a theme where the tabs within the browser window are related to this. So regarding web search I would might do a simple search on "Bumble bees" (and expand from there in tabs). The web search "Bumble bees" I would like to open a new window and not find e.g. my window with all my YouTube or travel planning and open a tab there (sometimes these windows are even minimised, but get "forced" open by this action).


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This can’t be a general setting because to tell a browser to open in a new window you have to tell that specific browser. In other words, you have to automate it, and each browser does it their own way. Firefox, notably, cannot be automated via AppleScript.

But you can still get what you want in other browsers by making a workflow with the Automation Task top open a new window in the frontmost browser.

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