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File Actions improvements for multiple files


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Currently, if I connect a file action with an “Open File” action, the action is performed for every file separately. So if my action wants to archive all selected files, it will create multiple archives for every single file. Well, the archive example is only used to demonstrate the issue. I know, there are better ways for archiving.

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23 hours ago, Tekl said:

the action is performed for every file separately.

That depends entirely on the receiving app. Alfred sends along the file list in one swoop (you can verify this by looking at the workflow debugger) to macOS, which sends it to the app. It’s up to the latter how it handles it. I too have a File Action connected to an Open File for archiving, and the app I use handles compressing multiple files without a sweat.


In other words, Alfred is already sending the information correctly (interestingly, forcing multiple arguments to break into separate calls is more complex than not doing it). @Stephen_C is absolutely right. We need to know what you do want to help you work around the limitation in that specific app, if possible.

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