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Logging into Specific Accounts

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Hi! I'm very new to Alfred, but absolutely love it to a point where it's destroyed my productivity because I spent all my time trying to optimize my productivity. I have a question I'm wondering about for the experts here.


Is there a way to create a workflow that will directly log me into a certain account? Like, if I have a work gmail and a personal gmail, is there a way I can set up different shortcuts to search (or just open)n those separate accounts? 


Is this something that the 1Password integration can do? Is there a way to do it without paying for 1Password?


Thanks so much! Excited to be part of this community for this astounding app.

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Welcome @uziel,


Glad you’re enjoying it!


I’m not sure I fully understand your request because it’s not clear what exactly should happen.


Maybe @Alan He’s Open Chrome Profile could get you what you want. It’s not really viable to just switch accounts from webpages because you’d need to automate the websites themselves.


If that’s not it, please be more specific about what you’re looking for.

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Thank you so much, Vitor! I think probably it's not possible... but what I'm looking for would be, for instance: I type "ghome" and a gmail window opens, logged into my personal email. I type "gwork" and a window gmail window opens logged into my work email. There are some superbrowsers like Arc or Wavebox that are able to do shortcuts sort of like this using different cookie containers or profiles.

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