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Launch iOS Simulator

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I just wrote up a workflow to launch iOS Simulator without launching Xcode.

To test website in iPhone or iPad, you might need iOS Simulator but it requires you to launch Xcode and then you have to select some menus to launch iOS Simulator.


This workflow saves your time to launch it. Just typing "ios", you will be able to iOS Simulator very easily.



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Just an FYI, If you prefer the iOS simulator to live in your Dock...


Open it via xCode, then when it is open drag it's icon to another part of the dock. Viola, when you close it, the icon will still be there.


Thanks for workflow!

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Thanks for the workflow. I made one adjustment: You can install Xcode in another path or install multiple Xcodes if you are a registered developer. You can tell and get the active Xcode env via the "xcode-select" command using the Terminal.app.


I've updated the workflow to use the returned path instead. Enjoy https://www.dropbox.com/s/ygb7me6dl8zw2v9/Launch%20iOS%20Simulator.alfredworkflow

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