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Bug While Dragging or Adding Notes in the Workflow Editor

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It's been some weeks that I find this bug on my computer while editing a workflow. It just makes it very frustrating to drag action blocks around. SEE WHAT I MEAN. It seems like I'm halfway dragging a block out and it just returns to its previous position.


In the clip above I also show another very random bug. Sometimes I can't edit the note of those blocks, sometimes I can.


I have uninstalled Alfred and deleted preferences multiple times already, and have no idea what can it be. I don't have any similar issues while dragging things anywhere else in my system. I thought it could have been because of Yabai, Karabiner, BetterTouchTool, or Hammerspoon (apps that interact with windows and keyboard or mouse events), but I have quit these and the problem persists. Happens both with my mouse or my trackpad.


I'm on Alfred 5.1.4 [2195] and Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71). Macbook Air M1

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Thank you SO MUCH. This was making me crazy. I was syncing my preferences. Even while disabling my internet connection it seemed to be happening, but I moved my preferences to a local folder and the issue disappeared. Have been using it for about 30 minutes and no more problems. Wow. This was dropbox, and I had it with the option to make it available offline, I have no idea why was this happening. I guess I'll just have to figure out another backup solution.


Thank you so much. Fixed.

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