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How to asynchronously run scripts ?

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Hi everyone.


Context: I am writing a workflow based on a Script Filter, but for external reasons the results come pretty slowly and one by one. As far as I'm aware it's impossible to stream results directly with the script filter object. So, what I wanted to do, is to fetch the results asynchronously, write them in a file, and have the Script Filter just look at the file. Using the rerun option to 'refresh' results regularly I could make it work.


So my question is: How to asynchronously run scripts in a workflow? Just launching the script but not waiting for it to end before continuing the workflow.

It could be a python or bash script, it could be called by a 'Run Script' object or directly in the script filter; it doesn't really matter.

I've tried the two following things that I thought would work, but Alfred still waits for the other script to finish before continuing.


import subprocess



./other-script.sh & echo -n "continue"


Thanks a lot,



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