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Is there any way to exclude a script filter from appearing in Universal Actions?

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I know there is the setting under Settings/Universal Actions that applies for all workflows, but if I plan to share a workflow I cannot expect everyone to have that unchecked. The thing is that I am working on a workflow that has several script filters and—for the most part—they do not work as universal actions. They can only receive the listed items as arguments, nothing else. Especially since I like to have the "Alfred Filters Results" option checked on my script filters. This results in having Universal Actions that seem broken, because they are there listed with all the others but basically are unusable. From some testing it seems like if I don't give my Script Filters a keyword they won't be listed as Universal Actions but I'm wondering if there's any other way? I've tried searching and reading all the documentation without success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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