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Introducing gsheets – a Workflow to access Google Sheets

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Inspired by I-sheet-you-not, this Workflow creates new Workflows to access individual Google Sheets with Alfred.




Note: this setup is more complex than the average workflow. I tried to document all the steps, feel free to point to unclear steps or instructions.

A screencast of the process is here.



  1. Open a Google Sheet in your browser. 
  2. Launch alfred-gsheets via keyword (default: gshe) or hotkey
  3. alfred-gsheets will check the frontmost page with one of three outcomes: will check the frontmost page with one of three outcomes:


    1. The website is not a Google Sheet ▶️ check URL
    2. The website is a Google Sheet but you don’t have the right permissions ▶️ review the Setting up section
    3. The website is a Google Sheet and you have at least viewing privileges ▶️ go to step 4


  4. alfred-gsheets will list the individual worksheets. Select one to generate a alfred-gsheets Workflow instance to browse that Sheet. 

  5. Once a new Workflow is created, ↩️ will lead you to its Workflow Configuration, where changes to keyword etc. can be made:

  • Header Row (column headers). Row containing the column headers. Set this to 0 if no header.[/*]
  • columns for Alfred’s Title (required), Subtitle and Arg variables. 
  • Alternatively, a custom layout can be set as follows: up to three lines (for Title (required), Subtitle and Arg variables), with layout text in quotes and column numbers in square brackets. For example:[/*]
Title: "College 🎓: [1]"
Subtitle: "City: [2]"
Arg: "URL: [3]"


  • Note: if a custom layout is used, the Title, Subtitle and Arg fields will be ignored. 
  • Append column: If you have writing privileges on your Google Sheet (see Setting up), you can indicate a column to which append values via alfred-gsheets using a keyword (default: [main workflow keyword]::append, e.g. uni::append) or hotkey[/*]
  • [/list]

🧮 New workflow: usage

  • entering the main keyword (default: first three letters of the workflow name) will list sheet columns according to the Title, Subtitle, and Arg variables.
  • If the argument is a URL, Enter↩️ will open it in your browser. 
  • If not, Enter↩️ will copy it to the clipboard
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