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I use free version of Alfred and I am wonderung if buying the Powerpack will let me do this amazing thing that I absolutely need:

Alfred search provides a simple calculcator. But what I truly thrive for, is a calculator that can calculate my own functions, or just more sophisticated math, like: sin, cos, Exponential/Logarithmic-Functions, Binomial coefficient, Stirling numbers, factorials, squareroots, and all that just in search.

Is there any way to accomplish this? If not I would have to programm my own programm that has just a different shortcut to open a "search bar". What about just writing the backend and connecting my math-programm via API with Alfred search-bar to just handle input-output?

Thanks in advance!

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Yes I have seen the feature with typing "=". But it only unlocks sin,cos, exp functions.
What I am especially interested, are combinatorial functions like binomial coefficient, factorial, stirling numbers, binomial theorem. Unfortunately this GCal feature doesn't provide that.

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