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Search for JPEGs (for Alfred 5.5)

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Alfred 5.5 (which this workflow requires) has just been released in beta.


As the workflow is based on Alfred 5.5 beta there may be changes to the workflow during the beta phase of Alfred 5.5 following changes made in the beta.

This release is part of a quartet of similar “Search for…” releases designed to make use of new Alfred 5.5 actions. (The other releases cover PNG, PDF and markdown files and will be the subject of separate forum posts cross-referring to this post where there is common usage between the workflows.) Because these new workflows make use of new Alfred 5.5 features I've covered this one in some detail so please excuse the length of the post. Each workflow also contains detailed instructions in its ReadMe.

The workflow searches for JPEG files in a folder within Alfred's default search scope. You select the folder and the workflow displays the JPEG files from that folder in a grid (the Grid View is new in Alfred 5.5). You can then view within Alfred's new Image View a selected JPEG file.

Type the workflow keyword (the default is `fjg`—for "Find JPEG"—but you can change it in the configuration). You will be prompted to choose a folder in which you wish to search. Press space and start typing the name of the folder in which you wish to search.

Press when the relevant folder name is displayed, or you have selected the relevant folder from a list, and you will see a grid of the JPEG files in that folder with the full name of and path to the selected image displayed at the bottom:

In that view you can do a number of things:

  • Move through the thumnails using the arrow keys.
  • Search for images in the grid by typing in the box at the top of the window.
  • Click on an image, or press on a highlighted image, to view only that image in Alfred's Image View. If you wish you can then press esc in Image View to return to the grid view.
  • Press ⌘O (“O” for “open”) to open a highlighted image in your default JPEG viewer or editor.
  • Use commands common to both Grid View and Image View (see below).
  • Press esc to end the workflow.

Image View
Image View displays a single selected image from the grid view when you press or click on an image in the grid view.

In Image View you can do the following:

  • Press esc to take you back to grid view.
  • Press or ⌘O (“O” for “open”) to open the image in your default JPEG viewer or editor.
  • Use commands common to both Grid View and Image View (see below).
  • Press ⌘esc to end the workflow.

Commands common to both Grid View and Image View

  • Press ⌘0 (command zero) to toggle the size of the window.
  • With a selected image hold down either or and press —the former to allow you to action the selected image in Alfred and the latter to reveal the selected image in Finder.

The workflow has no dependencies.

GitHub download link


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