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This workflow requires Alfred 5.5 (or later). It makes use of both the new Grid View and the new Image View in Alfred 5.5.  As the workflow is based on Alfred 5.5 beta there may be changes to the workflow during the beta phase of Alfred 5.5 following changes made in the beta.

The workflow searches for PNG files in a folder within Alfred's default search scope. You select the folder and the workflow displays thumbnails of the PNG files from that folder in a grid. In essence the use is exactly the same as that for the Search for JPEGs workflow but instead of searching for JPEGs you are searching for PNGs. Of course, when highlighting a PNG file in Grid View or viewing it in Image View you can open it with your default PNG viewer or editor using ⌘O (“O” for “open”)—and also by using in Image View. There are full instructions in the workflow ReadMe.

GitHub download link


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