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Open Web Server Here Workflow - v1.0.0

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This workflow will take the focused/front Finder window and create a temporary Python Server at that location, using `python -m SimpleHTTPServer`.


Function will also open the default web server URL ( in the default browser when the python server has started.


This is an extremely handy way to quickly test code in a server environment, especially when working with cross-domain functionality that will not work from localhost/local file server. Basically allowing you to create an ad-hoc/on-demand web server at any Finder location on your mac.


Borrows some of the Terminal Finder functionality from Chris Yip's "Terminal Here" workflow: http://chrisyip.im/


Download: http://cloud.joshuarhoades.com/3O0c1h3P250l

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I just wanted to say thanks for putting this together. I was about to ask the forum about how I might accomplish this. So far, working like a charm. Cheers!

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